Hell Hath No Fury

imageDoes anyone out there have an ex-girlfriend?
You’ve broken up. It’s over. Done. You’re trying to move on. Then….bam!!
The vindictive ex.
People deal with the end of a relationship in various ways. Some go down the healthy route ( lots of therapy, good food, great company, exercise) while some people just go down (lots of alcohol, outrageous behaviour) or lower, just being downright nasty.
After all, hell hath no fury as a woman scorned, right? – even if it was the ex who initiated the separation.
She wants to defame you for simply choosing not to be with them, stopping at nothing to destroy your image and tarnish your reputation.
The vendetta is not good for anyone, with many exes choosing to forget their part in the break up.
The reality is that there are a lot of immature, emotionally damaged people in the world. This includes the dumpers and dumpees – it is very unlucky for you if your ex is one of them.
Is your ex acting crazy and lacking any insight or rationale? Does she refuse to take any responsibility for herself, instead choosing to play the victim?
Vindictive exes often have narcissistic traits, showing juvenile behaviour that most adults would cringe at. They are likely to respond to their situation with rage, seething envy, a sense of humiliation and have aggressive tendencies towards your new partner. Especially as it implies a ‘failure’ on their part, and this negates their grandiosity.
It may be difficult to keep your sanity while it feels like the rest of the world is slinging mud at your doorstep, but don’t stoop to their level and air your dirty laundry in public.
But why do exes seek revenge?
It is more to do with their own lack of self-worth and pride. Of course ,we all have the right to feel angry and grieve for the end of a relationship, but not all of us act the drama queen, playing up to a small audience who feed our egos.
A few girls will manufacture crafty and creative ways of keeping ‘tabs’ on their exes. It is when it becomes bitter and all-consuming that it becomes a problem. Following you on social networking sites, feeling the need to make negative comments, making ‘friends’ take sides. It is all very unnecessary and childish.
True friends will never take sides, and the others aren’t worth bothering with or will soon see your exes true colours and get fed up of the constant whining.
As long as you have behaved with dignity, remember, you haven’t committed a crime, the relationship simply ended.
If the constant harassment and abuse continues, from a couple of weeks to a even a couple of years later, you may have to seek legal advice to put a stop to it and inform the social networking sites of the cyber bullying tactics.
Any decent mutual friend would give your ex a good kick up the backside and get them to start living their life, instead of seeing them wallow in self-pity and carry on in a destructive way.
Meanwhile, keep your head held high, thanking your lucky stars that you are out of that relationship and happy in your own life and she is now someone else’s problem!

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