Love Sees No Colour

imageJust how comfortable are you with dating someone outside of your own race?

Do your desires have confines or cultural boundaries?

Attitudes have changed dramatically since the 1960′s when traditional family ideals (white, heterosexual, 2.5 children) played a large part in most people’s lives. Fifty years ago homosexuality and interracial liaisons were rarely discussed much less accepted.

But surely we shouldn’t have to control who we are attracted to?

Another thing to remember is that race is not the same as culture. If you are white, fall in love with a black girl who grew up in the same town, attended the same school, speaks the same language and you both know the same people – where is the cultural barrier?

Skin colour is not a choice. Judging people or relationships based on that alone is limited at best and ignorant at worst.

Whether a relationship between two adults from different backgrounds, race, countries and culture will work or not depends solely on the individuals.

Personally, I believe when you love a woman you love her for herself and nothing else!! But then I have been known to be wrong before. Colour or race doesn’t come in to the equation for me, a healthy relationship is far more important.

Just like our straight counterparts, lesbians who step across the race divide for love and lust must wrestle with societal racism and sexual inequalities.

Statistic show that when minorities ( not just black/asian/ afro Caribbean) face hatred from the LGBT community for not being white, many become demoralised, believing themselves to be second-rate and undeserving of love. This self – loathing manifests in countless forms.

So does social discrimination truly impact on romance?

Some women date outside their race as a form of status symbol. Others try to pass themselves off as other ethnicities because of the said self loathing.

A preference for blonds or blue eyes is superficial, and yet we accept that without a second thought.

The women who I have spoken with agree that when they are at home enjoying each other’s company they do not think about colour, but when they venture outside together the race issue rears its ugly head. It also seems to depend in which part of the country you live in, with some parts being more approving than others.

It is up to our LGBT community to sincerely embrace the ‘rainbow’ flag that has connected us. After all, we know just how it feels to be frowned upon, overlooked for job opportunities, excluded and generally ignored by the heterosexual world because of who we identify as.

Perhaps in the next fifty years history will be rewritten.

As KJ Jerome once said: ‘Love sees no colour.’

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